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Digital Freshers' Fair
Discover Societies & Events
Launch: Sept 14 2018
Digital Freshers' Fair was an application designed solely to give students direct access to societies, unions and events they love. Fresh out of university, this idea was birthed from the frustration we faced with poorly designed society databases/union websites. Due to the post-facebook social media migration/fragmentation - which meant that students were now dispersed on different platforms across the web - student groups were struggling and failing to maintain constant engagement with students, causing many students to miss out on university experiences that could have shaped their lives for the better.
Digital Freshers' Fair
The application was built with two sides, each having different features. 
  • Discover: A multidimensional feature that allowed students to find societies, events, and places to go by name or category.
  • Timeline & Follow button: The timeline of every student is based on the societies and interests they follow. When a user follows a page, they give consent to receive notifications and reminders when new events are posted. Users can turn the notifications on and off by visiting the page and clicking the bell icon.
  • Creator Page: Societies had the ability to create profile pages with important information, sell third party tickets and memberships, and update their members via broadcast messages.
  • Union page: The union page is a creator page with the ability to send updates to all users in the university.
Pinned review
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This review is significant due to the timing and location of the giver of the review.
Our largest competitor is based in Warwick, and are responsible for the campus app at Warwick university.  This society was so dissatisfied with our competitor's app that they denounced them as soon as we launched.
We knew were better than our competitors, but to see one of their customers embrace us which such honesty was more than satisfying.  However, even with all the positive feedback we received, we knew that our application wasn't where we wanted it to be, and we didn't have the resources to adapt as fast as our users needed us to. So we decided to discontinue the Digital Freshers' Fair app to begin work on stooch (student channel); the younger, smarter, more useful, better-looking sibling.
We soon realised that our largest competitor had taken some pages from our book to redesign key parts of their application, proving once again that we were heading in the right direction.
Before the project was discontinued, we amassed over 7000 subscriptions, 800 of them being societies.
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