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RAIFU [ライフ] by KWO

Curated by The Kid.

11 & 12 June 2022.


The Old Street Gallery

62 Paul Street

In his first solo exhibition, Canadian-based artist KWO (Ekene Okonkwo b.1998) will present his Japanese-inspired pieces in physical form and augmented reality at Old Street Gallery in London on 11 & 12 June 2022.

The exhibition is presented in collaboration with Dayer and curated by Hungrybaby's Artistic Director, "The Kid".

KWO's dynamic post-pop style is amplified by references to paintings and sculptures made by Seasoned and Contemporary Maestros. By combining elements of the past alongside the present, the artist gives even doses of euphoria and nostalgia to the viewers.

In this debut London exhibition, he blurs the lines between his Nigerian heritage and Japanese influences by juxtaposing immediate Nigerian subjects with traditional Japanese features.

Raifu [ライフ] - which means life in Japanese - begins a world tour in June 2022, with London as the first stop.

London UK

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