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Campus garms, Library-wear, & Fresher's Week Merch.
Launch: Sept 14 2020
The leaders of campus-merch & and creators of the term "Library-wear". We created stoochshop to be a centralised campus merch shop were students from all over the UK (and potentially the world) can purchase memorable items throughout the year. We work with students and professional designers to come up with the designs. Free Shipping in the UK. (22).gif
Fashion brings communities together. We believe that stoochshop provides much more than just hoodies and T-shirts for students, it provides an opportunity to belong, feel related to, identify, and initiate conversations. Nostalgia is an important ingredient in the creation of every item on the shop because when the university days are over, we want the memories of those times to remain in the threads of every item they purchase and keep.
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