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Stooch Web
The best everything for students.
Launch: Sept 14 2020
The front page of the internet for students. Stooch web is a curation of the most important facets of the student world. It curates the best apps, services, restaurants, bars, events, and discounts for students, whilst also showcasing student unions, societies, and creatives. It is a preamble to the stooch app, but very different to it; in both functionality and design. (41).gif
Stooch web is a mix between product hunt and apple store for students. The only difference is that we do more than just showcasing the best businesses and apps for students. This website is one of the many side projects stooch will take on to position itself as the most innovative company in the student world. We hope that this site helps some students discover things that they never knew they needed. Take a look, it's brilliant.
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